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Our Digital Marketing focuses on the three key deliverables required to generate high quality leads online

#1 - Great websites that convert

What makes a high converting website?

  • Clean and simple design
  • Clearly answer the three things your visitors want to know
  • Must be interactive

Start with design

It is easy to grab a template and throw in some generic pictures and language about what you to, but that won't engage your audience or help them understand why they should buy from you and not one of your competitors. Rather, we feel you should pick a clean and simple design. One with lots of white space to make it easy to read. Incorporating both pictures and videos to help highlight points and help explain what makes you special. Videos do not need to be particularly slick, rather they are a great way for your visitors to learn more about you.

Give your visitors the information they need to convert into leads

There are three things all website visitors want to know when they visit your website:

Who are you?

What services do you offer?

How much does it cost?

When you give your visitors answers to all three questions, they are much more likely to convert. To take the action you want them to take.

The most visited page on any website is the "About Us" page. This makes sense as the first question you must answer is "who are you". The more information about who you are, why you built the company you built, who you service, what your background is, the better. People always buy "you" first and your product or service second.

The second most visited page is the "Services" page. Here people can learn the specifics of what you do and see if that will help them solve the problem that brought them to your website in the first place. Here the services can be a bit generic or inclusive. This is because by using the Lead Configurator and providing an interactive experience, they will be able to determine if you can help them and they need to schedule time to discuss their project with you.

Have an offer that converts. Once you get someone to your website, what do you offer them? What is the next step you want them to take? Most service providers offer - "Call Me" or some variant of that. The problem is this is a terrible offer. It just doesn't convert.

An offer that converts really well is to answer the question they really want answered, "what will this cost me"? We do that by building customized lead configurators for our clients. Click here to learn more about a lead configurator.

A lead configurator will convert 2X to 10X better than just a "call me" offer or "contact us" form fill.

Be interactive

The top thing you can do to make a great, high converting website is to make the experience interactive.

Today, static websites that just talk about you are not working. People what to tell you about their requirements and learn of you are the right provider for them without having to leave the website or talk with a sales rep.

Again, our lead configurator solves this problem in a simple and elegant manner. Giving your website visitors an interactive experience that takes them right to scheduling a meeting if it is a good fit for both them and you.

#2 - Attract ideal target clients to your website

Intent versus Interruption marketing

When you want to bring visitors to your website, there are two primary ways to get them.

The first is intent marketing. That means, when someone has the very problem you solve and is looking for a service provider to help them, will they find you? The two primary ways to get high intent traffic to your business is through referrals and through search.

Fundamentally they are the same, just one is very limited and the other is not.

A referral is best as that means someone asked a friend or family member who they should call and they said you. When that traffic comes to your site, it comes with lots of "know, like and trust" already built in because the prospect likes and trusts the person making the referral.

Search traffic, especially organic search traffic, is very similar. Here the user is asking Google or Bing who can help them. Then Google or Bing recommends you and they come to check you out. These companies have built their brands on being a reliable source of information, so when a visitor comes to you from a Google or Bing search, they also come with a high level of know, like and trust.

The second is interruption marketing. Here the person is not actively looking for a solution, rather, they are surfing the web, watching videos on TickTok, chatting with friends on Facebook, and they see an advertisement that catches their attention. Same as a TV, radio, or billboard ad.

To make these advertisements work, they need to poke a problem. We are all very sensitive to our top of mind problems and when we see an add that directly addresses this pressing problem, we are likely to react, click and want to learn more. That's just basic human nature.

The key here is that the place we send that traffic must be in line with the ad. If the add is about a flooded basement, the page must address your flooded basement. If the ad takes you to a general contractors main page, it won't be effective. People won't work that hard to figure out how this is relevant and they will just leave.

is easy to grab a template and throw in some generic pictures and language about what you to, but that won't engage your audience or help them understand why they should buy from you and not one of your competitors. Rather, we feel you should pick a clean and simple design. One with lots of white space to make it easy to read. Incorporating both pictures and videos to help highlight points and help explain what makes you special. Videos do not need to be particularly slick, rather they are a great way for your visitors to learn more about you.

They all work - The key is to craft the right message for the right audience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is content advertising. The whole point is to make your content easy for the search engines to find and give them confidence that if they send organic traffic to your website, that the user will get what they were looking for.

There is a technical aspect to SEO. Things like page speed, headlines, sub-headlines, pictures and videos are all important to the search engine algorithms.

And a bit of art to SEO. Here the content matters. They point is to put content on your website that is directly relevant to the keywords you are focusing on. The keywords are the things you do from the customers perspective. When they type "fix my broken window" into Google, that is their keyword. If you have content on your website that directly addresses this problem, Google is more likely than not to send that traffic to you.

SEO is a process and a commitment. It takes time and effort to build a site that is content rich and one that Google and Bing are confident will provide a good experience to the people they refer to you.

Just like your client that referred their friend to you. If you don't do a good job taking care of that prospect, there's a really good chance your client will not refer more jobs to you. It's all about trust.

Google My Business Page

Google offers a free page to all businesses. By setting up your Google My Business page and updating the content regularly, Google will send you free traffic.

The Google My Business page is also the repository of your Google reviews. These are especially important because Google uses them as a way to decide how good a business you are and if they should send you more organic traffic.

A fundamental part of any organic strategy is a structured reputation management platform designed to get you lots of 5-star reviews on Google and other authority websites.

Directory Listings

The final organic traffic item is making sure your information is up to date on hundreds of director listings. Each directory listing creates a link to your website and the more links, the more traffic from these links, the better Google judges your website to be and the more organic traffic they send to you.

We partner with Yext to build your listing on over 200 directories and keep them up to date at all time.

Paid Advertising

For the fastest results, paying to put your ad in front of your ideal target audience can't be beat.

Our focus is on internet marketing so that means using platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, TickTok, and more.

Each platform has it's own advertising system and building audiences, creating ads, testing and optimizing content, and managing an advertising budget takes time and experience to do correctly.

What paid internet advertising offers that traditional advertising (TV, Radio, and Billboard) is the ability to target the advertising to the audiences who are most likely to take the action you want. This is Artificial Intelligence and it is driving internet advertising today. The algorithms are able to determine who is the best person to see your ad, when to show it, and how to keep your message in front of them for as long as it takes to bring them home.

Helping the algorithm to do its job is what we do. By setting up campaigns and tracking all the conversions, we can make sure clients get the full advantage of todays artificial intelligence tools.

#3 - Systems to seamlessly manage all marketing platforms

Akela Marketing System (AMS)

To tie all the platforms together and give you the one tool you need to manage your marketing function, we have built the Akela Marketing System. Click here for a demo.

The Akela Marketing System includes:

  • Website builder
  • Landing pages
  • Workflow automations
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Opportunity tracking system
  • Email platform
  • Text messaging platform
  • Google My Business integration
  • Reputation management system
  • Facebook integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Facebook Ad Manager integration
  • Google Ad Manager integration
  • Social Media management
  • Stripe integrations
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Mobile App

The system is incredibly powerful and can grow with you as needed. To start it comes pre-built with all the basic functions required to get going immediately.

What does it cost?

Basic pricing by service

Website design, support and hosting - From $100 per month.

Custom Lead Configurator - From $395 per month

Google My Business page management - From $200 per month

Reputation Management - From $200 per month

Yext Directory Listing Management - From $60 per month

Local SEO - From $650 per month

Akela Marketing Platform - From $295 per month

Facebook Advertising - From $650 per month plus ad spending

Google Pay Per Click Advertising - From $650 per month plus ad spending

Display advertising - From $650 per month plus ad spending

YouTube Advertising - From $750 per month plus ad spending

Social Media Management - From $1,000 per month

Package Pricing Options


Foundational companies are looking to build a strong digital marketing foundation. This starts with a great website that converts. Content that attracts high intent organic traffic. And a comprehensive marketing system that ties it all together.

Pricing starts at $700 per month.

What's Included:

  • Authority Website (5-pages)
  • Customized Lead Configurator
  • Akela Marketing System (AMS)
  • Google My Business page integration
  • FB Page integration
  • Yext directory listing management
  • Google Analytics integration
  • FB advertising campaign
  • Social Media Management integration


Growth companies have a strong digital foundation and are able to cost effectively monetize website traffic. They are ready to spend money on paid advertising to drive highly targeted traffic to their website.

Pricing starts at $2,500 per month plus ad spending.

What's Included:

Everything in the Foundational package plus:

  • Full WordPress website with company email
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Weekly content updates
  • One paid advertising channel management (Google PPC, Google Display, Facebook, Instagram) including copywriting and creative content.
  • Building custom targeting audiences and look a like groups.
  • Ad spend budget management.
  • Full paid advertising KPIs integrated into Akela Marketing System (AMS) dashboard.
  • Ad specific landing page with full workflow automation.


Companies in the Dominate phase are successfully using paid advertising to grow their businesses and are now looking to expand their reach. Add additional marketing channels, and identify new opportunities to connect with their customers.

Pricing starts at $5,000 per month plus ad spending.

What's Included:

Everything in the Growth package plus:

  • Two additional paid advertising channel (Google PPC, Google Display, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) including copywriting and creative content.
  • Social media management

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