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Why use an AI powered ChatBot?

January 04, 20242 min read

So how does an effective Chat Bot work?

For a chat bot to be an effective Chat Bot, we want it to be as human an experience as possible. That's the beauty of Chat GPT. Its language learning model makes it possible for the computer to both learn from its past conversations and to “think” about the answer like people do.

Hi, my name is Roel Hoekstra and I’m your AI marketing guy. 

To make a Chat work, it needs to follow a similar pattern as any human conversation. That is:

Someone says something. Asks a question, responds to an ad, sends a message.

We have to recognize that incoming question and send it to Chat GPT. We do this using Zapier, but there are other tools as well.

Within Chat GPT we have built a specific assistant to answer these questions and trained that assistant on the specifics of the company and the business. This is KEY 1 - a well trained assistant.

So the question is relayed to ChatGPT and we wait for the response.

When the response comes in, we reply back to the user. 

That process takes just a fraction of a second.

Then we wait for the user to reply again, and the loop continues.

Another thing to know is that to make this work, Chat GPT needs a well trained assistant, AND to be able to distinguish one user from another. So each conversation needs a user key.

Unlike a human call center, the AI can handle multiple conversations simultaneously. As long as we give it clear instructions.

Just like in a human conversation, there is a goal in mind. Perhaps it is just to answer questions. But we find the most valuable chat bot is a sales assistant who works in coordination with an advertising campaign.

Run an ad, get the user to take an action like opt-in to learn more, and then launch the AI Sales Assistant to ask qualifying questions and if appropriate, book the user right into the sales team calendar.

As you can imagine, sales teams love this. Their calendars are filled with qualified leads who are looking to solve the very problem they solve.

Want to see a demo?

Click here: https://ai.akeladigital.com Just tell us your industry and top product and we will instantly build a AI Sales Assistant designed to qualify and book sales leads for you 24/7/365.

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Roel Hoekstra

Roel Hoekstra - President of Akela Digital.

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